Adventures of a Preschooler

Week’s Recap – Part 1: The Field Trip

Hello! Happy Sunday! It’s 4:30 am Sunday morning and I don’t know why I am up. Pregnancy hormones, maybe? Hehe. This has been a very eventful week for the family. It started great because Monday was a holiday which means Dadi Mike spent an extra day with us. 🙂

This week was the first time for Lucas to have an educational trip. He was supposed to join the first one in July in which the theme was Our Home and visit one of his classmates’ houses. Unfortunately, it was the same time when I got hospitalized because I started bleeding so we cancelled our participation.

This time it was a Make Your Own Shake trip. Mike went with Lucas but I insisted on coming because I can’t miss this for the world!

Photo credit to Teacher M

So there we were, 15 minutes late in Jamba Juice ATC, and all the children and the teachers were in Jamba Juice. I guess my son takes on after me (who hate being late) and was shy or probably even embarrassed that we went in late. The tantrum machine went off. Sayang kasi the kids were allowed to go behind the counter and make their on shakes. The other kids were too cute in their Jamba Juice caps and aprons while they put ingredients in the blender with the assistance of a crew member. They would later come out with a finished product in their hands. I must say, the crew members were very friendly and patient with the children. Lucas went behind the counter too, but he was clinging on to Mike all the time. Oh well, lesson learned. Be early next time.

Photo Credit: Teacher M


Right after the Jamba Juice trip, the next stop was for the children to go to the supermarket and buy ingredients for their shake that they will do in school the next day. They were handed a “grocery list” and was guided by their teachers where they could find them. Lucas was finally in the mood, let go of my hand and went with his classmates.



His grocery list had a picture of a mango and a small carton of milk. Lucas can already read both letters and started asking “Where’s the mango?”. Atat? When the small group reached the fruits and veggies section, Teacher M asked the kids to look for a mango. Of course Lucas knew where it was and picked it up (ok fine, I helped him pick up the sweetest-smelling mango I could find). Then he went to the store bagger to put a price tag on the mango and said, “One mango peez”. I’m glad he did not forget to say “Fenk you, Kuya”.


While the rest of the kids were lining up for their mangoes to be bagged, Lucas and I played a little game of “Find the Fruit”. He could identify most fruits already except for the avocado (he said it was a green mango), and dragon fruit. Well, I knew about dragon fruit when I was in college already. Lol.

Next, the little group trotted their way to the milk aisle but before getting there, they passed by the cereals aisle first. The kids left that aisle with a bag or a box cereals in their hands, my son included. When the children were ready to check out, the teachers asked the parents/guardians to allow the kids give the bill to the cashier. Agad, Lucas didn’t forget to say “Good morning!” and “Fenk you!” to the lady at the counter.

Photo Credit: Teacher M

I’m glad to see that there are so many things that the kids can learn in the supermarket. Our next trip is not going to be boring for sure. I am thinking of making a grocery list for Lucas as well. 🙂


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