Adventures of a Preschooler

Week’s Recap Part 2: Linggo ng Wika

I realized that my son rarely understands Filipino. I would ask him “Pakikuha yung upuan” and he would give me a baffled look. If I ask him “Please get the chair”, he would oblige. Uh-oh. Good thing their school curriculum included Filipino.

Like other schools, Lucas’ school celebrated Linggo ng Wika. We were asked to dress Lucas up in Filipiniana attire. I really wanted to go for the Igorot costume but the husband contested against it. Fine. So we went to the usual Katipunero costume sans the itak.

Costume from Kultura. Total cost: Php 300

I am so0000 grateful for Lucas’ Teacher M who is so diligent in taking pictures of the kids in school and sending it to me. I love her. I saw from the school’s FB page that the children had a little salu-salo (Lucas brought puto) and played traditional pinoy games. All the photos below are care of Teacher M. 🙂






2 thoughts on “Week’s Recap Part 2: Linggo ng Wika

  1. Hi, mommy…

    Where is this school? I felt like you hit jackpot in choosing the right school for your Jedi. My son is currently enrolled in Westhill and I am not really satisfied because of their focus in religion and less focus in fun activities.

    I am now again on a school hunt for next year. Many thanks for your stories!

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