Little Jedi

Painting with Sponges and Cars

Lucas’ school has cancelled classes today because a few of the students are getting sick and they want to make sure that if it is viral, the school has been disinfected properly. I am happy that the school is being proactive in protecting their students. Ooh, why can’t they have grade school as well!

Anyway, so since the Little Jedi is home, we had a little activity at home. I have shared before that one of the things that Lucas is not fond of doing is painting. He gets all icky with the texture of paint and, well, calls it “dirty”. So I set up a painting activity for him yesterday. I bought a set of cut-out sponges and paint from Japan Home for only P88. I wasn’t able to take a picture of it but is consists of five sponges of different shapes and 6 paints.



I used eggshell paper so the paint will stick to it. At first we played with the sponges but Lucas still didn’t want to touch the sponge. So I helped him a bit.



Then I recalled reading from Toni’s blog that she and her son used plastic cars as a painting tool. I think that was a brilliant idea so I got one from Lucas’ “treasure chest” (his toy box).

I asked Lucas to squeeze paint over the paper and run the car back and forth to spread the paint.



He. Loved. It! Eventually, he started using his fingers to spread the paint and make art.


These look like Picasso if you ask me. 🙂


Is your child reluctant to paint too? Think out of the box. Use different textures and tools to make painting more fun for them!

Whoops, gotta go now. The Little Jedi wants to paint again. 🙂


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