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Giving Medicine to Reluctant Toddlers

Are you having challenges giving your toddler medicines? Well you are one of the many mommies who are experiencing that. Right about the same time that I am typing this post, I am also talking to my friend who’s having the same problem as I am, or should I say was.

The Little Jedi is currently sick and giving him medicine is a pain both for us and him. It feels like I am in an action/drama movie trying to give him 3.5 ml of medicine. You’ll see begging, tears, kicking and in some occasions, even bruises. We’ve tried a teaspoon, a cup and even resorted back to using a dropper. Until we figured out a way to make it easy for all of us.


Photo grabbed from Google

I mixed his medicine with half of a Yakult bottle and let him drink it. In a matter of minutes, he drank all of it. I poured the other half and mixed his 2nd medicine in it and he drank everything as well!

I used Yakult Light so I don’t have to worry about his sugar intake since he has to take his medicines three times a day. When I shared this with Dr. Vienne, she approved of it!

When our children are sick, it could give us stress worrying about their health and making sure they are comfortable. This hack could at least help us make drinking medicines easier for them and for us.

Photo from Google images

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