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Butterfly Cereal Treats

Halloween is right around the corner and I’m pretty sure mommies are either invited to Trick or Treat parties or are looking for one so their minis can join. For moms of school children, there is probably a Halloween activity in school which, most probably, has a Trick or Treat activity. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking of two things: how exciting it is for my child to experience this, and how can I control his sugar intake after receiving lots and lots of candies. If you are looking for the healthier option to give as a treat, you can go for cereals. To make it more appealing to children, pack it in a fun and colorful way.

A few weeks ago, Lucas’ school had a mini bazaar activity where the older kids can buy and sell fun stuff as advised by their teachers. The kids are asked to bring goodies assigned to them to sell for 5, 10, 15 or 20 pesos.  The goal of the activity is not to make money but to learn the concept of buy and sell, money, counting and develop interpersonal skills.

Lucas was assigned to bring cereals and thanks to Pinterest, I found a creative way to pack them. You can do the same this Halloween.


Here are the materials:


  •  Wooden pegs (from Japan home for Php66)
  • Non-toxic paint (from Japan home for Php66)
  • Washi tapes
  • Colored pens
  • Fuzzy wires
  • Crazy eyes (not in the picture)
  • Sandwich bags
  • Cereals
  • Marshmallows

Start by designing one side of each peg. Release them creative juices! You can use colored markers, paint, washi tape, etc. You can be extra creative by putting sequins, glitters, confetti, pompoms, and other embellishments that you can think of. Just go crazeh!



Lucas wanted to help so I just let him. 🙂


Glue the eyes on each peg. Let it dry.


Cut the fuzzy wire about 3-4 inches each. Fold the ends so the kids will avoid pricking themselves. Form the wire into a V-shape to make the antenna. Glue it above the eyes and let it dry.


While the pegs are drying, you can now put the cereals and marshmallows in the zip lock bags. Since the buyers are 3-5 year old kids, portion control is important. I wouldn’t want a school full of hyperactive, sugar-rushing children. I put about 1/4-1/2 cup of cereals and several pieces of marshmallow in each bag.


Press out any air and loosely  fold each bag. Clip the pegs in the middle of each bag so the sides will look like wings.


Tadaaah! Now they are ready for selling for Php 5.00 each! Lucas sold out all his “merchandise” the kids and the moms love it!

Photo credit to his Teacher M 🙂

Try it for Halloween! I’m pretty sure the children will love it too.


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