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Pregnancy Chronicles: Week 23

I am finally back at work and I haven’t been diligently documenting my pregnancy. Peanut is 23 weeks old in my belly and he has reminded me what I love the most about pregnancy: feeling his gently kicks.

Yes. I get a kick out of the kicks.

To me, it’s the first mother and child connection. The first trimester is more one way where the mom talks to her baby. Upon second trimester, I start talking to him every time I can feel and see his gentle kicks. It’s something that only us, moms, can experience. I can always put Mike’s hand on my tummy but since the kicks are still gently and seldom, sometimes he misses it, other times he just does not want to wait anymore. Well, more experience for me to drink in. Haha. I actually enjoy this phase before the kicks start getting stronger and sometimes aggressive.

According to, at 23 weeks, the baby can now hear things outside mum’s tummy. I started playing Christmas songs to Peanut and it seems like he likes it. He is so much like his Kuya when Lucas was in my tummy. I can feel him moving more when there’s music. Speaking of Lucas, it’s good that the Kuya Jedi loves playing his own kind of music. I’m talking about nursery songs, barney songs, etc. The Peanut is happy, the Kuya is happy, the Mami is happy.

I am still fighting a battle with constipation. It’s my nemesis, really. Aside from the long ride to and from work. I’ll talk about that later. Water, fruit juices, milk, and oatmeal are my fighting gears. I admit, I do not have the palate for veggies now 😦 . Bad, I know. I am trying to make it up with fruits though. I also realize that stress makes me more constipated so I try not to stress myself too much at work and get as much rest as I can.

I mentioned earlier that the drive to and from work is my #2 nemesis. Traffic in Metro Manila has gone so bad that my usual 1.5 hour ride doubled up to 2.5 or even 3 hours, one way. So that’s a total of five to six hours ride. That’s not helping my aching back even if I’m not the one driving. Pillows, a reclined seat, water, healthy snacks and good company/driver (aka my husband) helps ease the pain. When I get home, I would put warm compress on my back to relax it.

My blessings for this pregnancy?

My sons

Peanut is a given blessing. Kuya’s laughs and antics make pregnancy this time around more fun. He just cracks me up with his statements and requests. He gives kisses to Peanut every morning and at night before he goes to bed.

My husband

He does everything for me. Drive for me/us, bring me stuff, fix my milk drink. He takes care of Lucas when I cannot and rough houses with him which he immensely loves. Let’s see how he juggles two boys in a couple of years. 🙂

My officemates

I am so blessed with caring and understanding bosses, funny teammates, and a happy work environment. Despite the stress at work, I can always count on them to listen to my stories and allow me to take some rest when I need to. I am really blessed to be working with them.

What about you? What are/were your pregnancy challenges and blessings? 🙂


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