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Styling the Bump

I am on my 27th week now and I am pregnant as ever. Little Peanut doesn’t feel like a peanut anymore. He feels more like a pumpkin really. What I am proud of is the fact that I haven’t bought any maternity clothes yet. One of the things I promised myself is not to spend so much on maternity clothes. I bought a couple during my first pregnancy and they were not stylish, the stylish ones were expensive, and I cannot use it postpartum.

This pregnancy makes me feel a little more confident about myself and my growing bump. I have the urge to try new styles that are both comfortable and stylish. I even gained enough confidence to post my OOTD or as I would like to call it, OOTB (Outfit of the Buntis) I was able to rummage through my stuff (and even my husband’s!) and saw that I have maternity-friendly, non-maternity clothes. Here are some tips for expecting moms who, just like me, are looking for comfortable, stylish, non-maternity, maternity clothes.

1. Before buying anything, raid your husband’s closet.

If your husband is two sizes (or more) bigger than you are, chances are you will find something that will fit it. It could be his t-shirt or his button-down shirts. My husband has a lot of long sleeved shirts and I found a few that 1. fits me perfectly now, and 2. are surprisingly comfortable. When wearing a polo/button down shirts, pair it with leggings, jeans (if your regular ones still fit you) or shorts. You can either fold the sleeves up to 3/4 of your arm or just tszuj them up your arm.



If you find a cool shirt from your hubby and he doesn’t mind you wearing it, fold the sleeves and wear it with black or leggings and flat booties or sneakers.

2. Spend time in your own closet.

You will never know what treasures you will find there. Maybe it was coincidence or intuition but most of the clothes I bought late last year and early this year turned out to be maternity friendly. I have bought blouses and dresses that were loose and can be easily paired with leggings. My sister bought me a kaftan-like top from Vietnam and I bought a couple of kurtas from India too.

I wasn’t pregnant yet when I got this top but now it’s perfect for me and my bump


Traditional India kurtas are so comfortable


2. Wear maxi dresses for maxi comfort.

Maxi dresses are my favorite. Good thing I and my sister have a couple. If there’s anything that you should buy, I would suggest these and those on my third point. Look for ones in jersey or stretch materials. I like jersey dresses because they are comfortable and accommodating to my growing bump. I wear mine with cardigans or kimonos because I am trying to hide them dark places under my arms.





3. Tank tops

Tank tops are usually comfortable and stretchable. I particularly love Mango tanks. I wore them before I got pregnant and I can still wear them now with my big belly. Aimee Diego ( inspired me to pair it with jeggings or if your stretch jeans still fit you, go ahead and try them on.

Wear it with kimonos or layer with button-down shirts.


4. Kimonos and Cardigans

I am so grateful that kimonos are in style now. Cardigans are super comfortable but if the weather gets too hot, you’ll end up removing them. With the bipolar weather that we have, it’s best to have both in your closet. I wear my kimonos over my tank tops or dresses.

5. Accessorize. Accessorize. Accessorize.

My best friend in my pregnancy fashion? Belts. My favorite is my sister’s red, braided waist belt. It’s perfect to wear with dresses and they add an oomph to the bump. Show that bump! Don’t hide it underneath baggy, frumpy clothes. Love it and accentuate it with belts.

Experiment with various jewelry: bib, chunky, or long necklaces, earrings, giant rings, and bracelets. Whatever you find comfortable for you, go for it. I love chunky and bib necklaces to accessorize my outfit.

Scarves are also great accessories to maxi dresses or tank tops.

I am most comfortable wearing solid colors in darker shades. I make my them look more interesting by adding a pop of color.



6. Maximize your maxi skirts

If you have maxi skirts that are stretchable, you can wear them three ways:

  • At your hip like how you would usually wear them. Pair them with a loose top or a tank top.
  • Up your waist. This will emphasize your bump. I tried this with a black tshirt.


  • Wear it as a tube dress. Although I haven’t tried it yet, it looks promising. You can wear a cardigan over it but don’t forget to put on a waist belt to add a nice shape.

7. Buy practical clothes. 

I might still buy some maternity clothes especially when the bump gets bigger. I am looking for maternity clothes that I can still use after giving birth so I won’t feel I wasted money on clothes that I only used for a month or two. I am so happy I found Elin.Ph. Elin offers stylish clothes that you can wear during pregnancy and even after pregnancy. What I love the most is that most of their clothes are also breastfeeding-ready. I have about 6 or 7 pieces that I liked. If I will not buy them for my pregnancy, I will definitely buy  them when I am already breastfeeding. Shop wisely, moms. Check out their website here.

Kylene Nursing Dress in Navy
Image from


Carrie Maxi Nursing Dress in Black
Image from

There you go! I hope my tips inspired you to feel extra good about yourself by wearing practical, comfortable, and stylish clothes during pregnancy. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Styling the Bump

  1. wow, mommy maggie you’re beautiful na buntis naman! You have the “glow” na sinasabi nila. Nung buntis ako dati walang ka glow glow e, hehe! Have a safe pregnancy. =)

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