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Trick or Treat Costume: Luke Skywalker

Lucas’ school hosted a costume party and Trick or Treat before they had their school break mid-November. I was determined to have something extra nice for him because the past three Halloweens he had weren’t so successful. He was a pumpkin for his first Halloween but we did not attend any party. I wasn’t able to get him a nice costume so he just wore a hat for his second Halloween party at the condominium’s park, and last year, we borrowed Kuya Aki’s Harry Potter robe.

This year, I made him a very inspired costume:

This guy was our inspiration:


Yeah. You probably know him from some sci-fi flick. 😉

Besides, I do call my son “Little Jedi” don’t I? So what else could be a more appropriate costume?

I wanted to make a DIY costume so I channeled my inner craftee and searched through Pinterest. Haha. This was what we the Little Jedi wore for their party:


Everything, except for his light saber  has been DIY’d. 🙂

Luke’s tunic is an oversize v-neck shirt. Just cut it in the middle and sew the edge.

His belt is an adult’s belt that was cut to fit his waist. The brown pocket is a small faux leather purse.

Luke’s pants are actually his white pajamas. For his footwear, he is wearing his brown rubber clogs and I used a leg bandage to make it look similar to Luke Skywalker’s boots. We used medical tape to keep the bandage in place.

No need to spend a lot for a Luke Skywalker costume. This one was so easy and fun to make. 🙂 Looks like my Little Jedi liked it too.


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