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‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly…and Bazaars!

It’s that time of the year again! Oh, I’m not just talking about the Christmas season, but the bazaars that go along with it (insert excited look here).

My close friends know that I am a bazaar nut. I wasn’t like that before. I do not like crowded places so I never like going to the likes of Greenhills or even mall-wide sale. I never like being in a sea of people in malls and falling in line to purchase one or two “deals”. My height is not a big help either. I cannot check out the items over the shoulders of vertically blessed people. Since bazaars had the same impression to me, I decided I do not like it either. In fact it only started last year when I was able to find great buys from holiday bazaars that I started liking them. (Check out last year’s bazaar look here.)

I think bazaars are better options for your holiday shopping trips for several good reasons:

1. You can find the most unique items 

What I personally don’t like about mall-wide sale is that there is a big chance that you are buying an item that fifty other people are buying. I remember buying a blouse and finding out there were three other girls wearing the exact same thing IN A BUS. Good thing we weren’t seated together otherwise somebody might think we are part of a dance group or something.

I have found some of the most unique items in bazaars. I love necklaces specifically those that have a unique design. Most of the necklaces that gets the most compliment from other people were purchased from bazaars.

A lot of bazaar vendors are also craftees and creative souls who would also come up with unique, creative ideas and sell them. Be it stationary, jewelry, pottery or wardrobe, a lot of the items are hand-made, hand-picked and unique.

2. Hard to find items are most of the time sold in bazaars

I remember looking for a kiddie urinal for my little one that I saw online. I didn’t know where to find one until I saw it in a bazaar last year.

Some items sold online can also be found in bazaars. I don’t know about you but I like to see and hold the item that I am going to purchase. I may like them based on the picture from an online store, but I still hesitate buying it because it may not look the same when I receive it. Unless I know the person selling, I seldom buy from online stores. Bazaars are great venues to see the actual items for sale because a lot of online sellers take part in bazaars.

3. Support local entrepreneurs/SMEs

I have great respect to local entrepreneurs and SMEs. In fact, most of the items I buy from bazaars are from local entrepreneurs, SMEs, and resellers. I have bought bags, shoes, baby items, kids clothes, jewelry, and home decor from bazaars. The likes of Anna Banana, And Brand, Manila Baby Shop, Punch Drunk Panda, Bug and Kelly, PaperChic Studio are just a few of my favorites that I would normally find in bazaars.

4. Value for Money

I do feel there is value for my money whenever I buy from bazaars. There really are some  good quality product with unique designs and reasonable prices.

I am admittedly choosy with the bazaars I go to. I check out websites of the organizers and check the list of concessionaires that they have invited. I don’t want to be wasting my time looking at items that are common and can be brought from any other store. Sometimes, the organizers would also release a map of the venue so it’s easier for shoppers to locate their favorite shop.

I am sharing with you some of my favorite bazaars this season:


World Trade Center’s World Bazaar Festival

December 5-21 from 10 AM to 12 Midnight

St. James the Great Christmas Bazaar (Ayala Alabang)

November 27-30 from 9AM-9PM

Silver Bells (Rockwell Tent)

December 13-14 from 12 noon to 12 midnight

Baby and Family Expo (SMX Convention Center MOA)

December 5-7

You can check out other holiday bazaars near you here.

Happy Christmas shopping!


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