Mommy musings

2014 New Year Family Staycation

First off, a happy happy new year to everyone!

We had a great new year so to speak. I personally focused on the blessings my little family has received in 2014.

Funny how firsts are really learning experiences for me.

First, we decided to start a tradition and that is to spend the new year staycationing in a nice, nearby hotel (for now). We decided on looking for one a little late so most of the hotels we wanted to try out were either fully booked or are charging way too much. We also didn’t get the room I was hoping to get but nonetheless, I was still pleasantly surprised with what the hotel gave us. I promised myself, we’ll book as early as June for next year’s celebration.

Second, since it was almost like a spur of the moment thing, packing was also the same. There are things we forgot to bring (e.g. the camera). Thank God for camera phones.

Third, I learned that the little boy enjoys staycationing. He takes after his dad, I guess. He was so full of energy, running around the room, playing in the bath tub, jumping on the bed. I promised myself and Lucas we’ll have more staycations like this.




We enjoyed a really nice display of fireworks from our hotel room balcony. In fact, I enjoyed it more than when we are at home because you don’t get to hear a lot of firecrackers (which I am not really fond of), no smoke and dust (which I also hate) and yet admire the colorful fireworks light up the night sky.

One of the moments that I wished I was able to capture is a few minutes of the three of us watching the fireworks display exactly at 12 midnight. Picture us, arms around each other, smiles on our faces and the little boy shouting “Wow!”, “Fantastic!”, “Check it out!” with so much gusto. It made me feel more grateful for what we have and excited for what we will receive in 2015. Let’s start the year with gratitude child-like anticipation.

Looking forward to more staycations especially with a new member of the family joining in!

Happy 2015 everyone!


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