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Pregnancy Chronicles: Week 34

I just realized that the last post about my pregnancy was when I was still on my 23rd week. That was like 10 weeks ago! Eep!

New Year’s day, I woke up, checked my phone for notifications and saw one from my What to Expect app telling me I am on my 34th week! I was like, wow, really?! That means only two weeks until my safe zone and six weeks til my due date. I started feeling excited, anxious and a little panicky. I gave birth to Lucas on my 37th week! I don’t know if it’s going to be the same with Peanut given that I am not working anymore and I have more time to rest. Do I have more control now as to when I can give birth? Lol.

The good thing about second pregnancies or succeeding ones is that you probably learned a thing or two from the first one. I am now jotting down my To-Do and Must-have list every time I get a chance. I do not want to experience the same with my first delivery where I haven’t even packed my hospital bag yet and was asking the doctor if I can go home first to pack it even if I was already in active labor.

I am more conscious of my baby’s movements now that I am on my 34th week. My OB says to check if I can feel at least ten kicks or movements in an hour. If it becomes less than that, I should give her a call. I don’t think I have anything to worry though. Lil Peanut’s moving quite actively, thank you very much. I think he’s trying to catch up with his Kuya.

I have downloaded a list of things to bring in the hospital. Poor Mike was running back and forth from the hospital to our house for things that I needed. I want to make sure it will be easy for him too. For expecting moms, you can download this list of things to bring in the hospital if do not have a copy yet. I got this from Please note that some of the items on the list may not be applicable to those living in the Philippines. Mind you, I will be packing our bag as early as next week just to be sure.

Mike and I will be planning a strategy when the big day arrives. Last time, since I wasn’t expecting Lucas to be delivered so soon, I was at work when I felt my water broke. Good thing we were holding office right beside the Admin Dept and the manager was kind enough to have one of their staffs bring me to the hospital using the company car. Take note, I was working in Pasig, the hospital was in Parañaque.  This time around it’s all different so we need to plan ahead of time as to who will bring me to the hospital when the big day comes.

Relax, pray, get ready. That will be my mantra until I give birth. In fact, that will be my mantra  even after I give birth. You see, even if I will be doing this for the second time, it all feels new to me. I feel a hint of anxiety every now and then because I still don’t know what will happen during delivery. I plan to read some more, pray a lot more, and learn to relax too.

For new moms-to-be,  I encourage you to have the same mantra. From an experienced mom to a newbie mom-to-be, savor the moment despite the pain that you might be feeling during delivery. It is all part of the magic of motherhood. Breath. Pray. Relax. Remember, it will be a momentous time for you and your baby. That experience is something that only you can cherish. So breathe, pray and relax. 🙂




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