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37 Weeks Updates and Activities

Wow. My last post was 19 days ago. I always get the urge to start writing a post but then admittedly, laziness kicks in. Not to mention I was advised by my OB to take it easy, rest in bed as much as I can until I reach my 37th week. You see, Peanut was in an incomplete breech position at 36 weeks. Good thing, two days before my 37th week (and with a heart-to-heart talk to my little one), he decided to be on posterior position (meaning his head is at the lower side of my abdomen, the ideal position for giving birth). So yay for the little one!



The app says he’s as big as a wintermelon. For some reason, I, my pelvis and my back feel like he’s a LOT bigger and heavier.

Here’s how I look now. Ok I have to admit, I like how I look here so I’m posting heehee. Pardon my narcissistic rage.


So now, we are just waiting for the little guy to decide when he would be coming out.

In the meantime, I have been experiencing sleepless nights mostly because I tend to take naps in the afternoon and I wake up in the middle of the night because I have to run to the bathroom. One early morning, I decided to do some origami and it gave me an idea for a small project for the baby. I will share it to you once I have completed it.


I am also spending a lot of time with my Little Jedi. Although I cannot pick him up in school (which I really, really want to do), I have scheduled some activities for us. He enjoys working on worksheets.


I used to make him some by hand during my first trimester bed rest but my husband recently discovered a site where we can download and print worksheet templates. You can check out the site here. They have worksheets for math and spelling and from preschool to (I am guessing) grade school. I am pleasantly surprised to learn that Lucas:

  1. Like math. He knows how to add already so I have downloaded a lot of math worksheets for him. These are always the first ones he finishes.
  2. He can read sentences. He can read the instructions well with exception to some words like “beginning” or “picture”. When he cannot read it, he asks me how it should be read.
  3. He is still not fond of art.
  4. He enjoys school and learning because he really likes working on the “worksheeps”. You should see the smile on his face whenever he finishes one.

A little downside on being pregnant and big with such a small frame is the fact that I have aches and pain all over. My pelvis, back and legs hurt a lot when I move around. Even if I want to unleash the OC in me and clean every corner of the house, alas, I can only go as far as our room. I cannot even bend down to sweep the dust under the bed.

I also miss baking.


Since I am no longer doing training, baking has become my zen. I get lost in mixing ingredients and I feel like I am in my own little world when I start designing my baked goodies. Since my OB advised me to take it easy, she’s not encouraging me to do some baking for now. Sigh. I miss my pans and my rolling pin, and my beloved mixer. Baw. Plus, I torture myself by looking at photos of baked goods in Pinterest. Oh how I would love to make meringues, crinkles, sugar cookies, and experiment on cakes and cupcakes!

I have found the right time and little nook where I can say a little prayer, read a book or my favorite blogs to inspire me, and think of the many beautiful things that will be coming our way. I am visited by worries and anxieties every now and then. Whenever I get those, I talk to my husband about it. He gives me the reassurance that everything is going to be alright. I also get strength and joy from my children. I need to be the mom they need me to be, both to Lucas and Little Peanut.

And so, the waiting game has begun. Everything is in place (I think) and I will try my best to really take it easy and clear my mind and my heart of worries and anxiety. I can’t wait to see my baby boy. 🙂


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