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Baby Shower for the Little Peanut

Lucas was quite an impatient baby. He decided to make a grand entrance to the world even before his godmother, my best friend, was able to give me baby shower.

Yes. I didn’t have a baby shower when I had Lucas. I never experienced having friends and family together enjoying some fun, silly baby shower games, having good food and celebrating the miracle of having a baby soon. I admit, I felt a pang of envy for all the baby showers I have attended and wished I experienced it too.

This time around, my wonderful wonderful best friend, Rachelle, wanted to be sure and threw a semi-surprise baby shower for me and my Peanut way ahead before my due date. Here’s a side story: It was supposed to be surprise shower for me. She was already coordinating with my sister for the list of my friends and family that they will invite. One night over dinner, we were seated together, me, Rache, Mike and Rache’s hubby, when my husband asked what will be the plans for my baby shower. Oh the look on my best friend’s face was priceless. Haha. To cut the long story short, the surprise baby shower turned out to be a semi surprise. I didn’t know anything about it except the part that I know that I have a baby shower scheduled. LOL.

Rache did an amazing job in organizing the party. I love her! I love that I had guests from work, family, my blogging friends, even from gradeschool. It was unfortunate that not everybody who was invited came but it’s ok. I think it’s safe to say that we enjoyed the party. 🙂 Here are the photos captured during the baby shower.

The super party organizer
These ladies were taking the game seriously! 🙂 Competitive much!







Kuya wanted to help 🙂
Thanks for coming everyone!

It sure was good fun, yummy food, great laughs. Celebrating a new baby with family and friends feels wonderful 🙂




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