Mommy musings

My Musings on the 38th Week of My Pregnancy

We’ll be seeing you soon, Little One

In just a few days, I will be a new mom again. I anticipate the sleepless nights once more as well as the joys and anxieties for a new baby. I think I will be more relaxed parenting the new baby but it has been quite a while since I took care of one but I think I will do it better this time around. The big, big difference this time is I am now a mom of two children. I tell you, I think about it a lot. How will things be with a new baby and a preschooler in the house? What kind of my mom will I be to Lucas and to his baby brother? Will it be easier or will it be harder? Let’s face it, when I had Lucas, my attention was 100% on him. These past nine months I hope I have mustered another 100% for the new baby and Kuya.

Since I left the corporate world, I try my best to spend as much time with my eldest as I can. I enjoy every minute of it even if there are moments where we “argue” or I feel tired or I cannot play rough house with him like his Dadi does. When his yaya left (oh boy, this deserves a different post!), we got to do more things together and I got to guide him more. Today, I felt a little sad when we were playing together. I know it will only be a couple of days from now and there could be times when Lucas would ask me to play with him and I dread telling him, “Sweetie, I need to feed your baby brother.” or “Mami’s a little sleepy, Love.”. Oh man. I pray I would be given the strength to still do most of what we can do together now.

I, of course, cannot deprive the littlest one my attention and love because he needs it the most, but I also know that his Kuya will also need my time and attention. Mike and I have plotted a game plan and he agreed to fill whatever space I may not be able to give Lucas in the meantime. I asked him to make some sacrifices (like not spending time playing Playstation <insert raised eyebrow here>) and give his full attention to the kuya. On the other hand, I am also glad that Lucas is now a big boy who is already independent and can keep himself busy. I plan to involve him in taking care of his baby brother so he will also start having a sense of responsibility.  I have to admit, I don’t think it has sank into him yet that in a few days or weeks, he’ll be promoted to big brotherhood. Mike and Lucas talk better so I asked Mike to help me explain to him the changes coming on our way.  My prayer is that the adjustment for him will be easy.

Ready, Kuya?

So as I wait for the Little Peanut to join our fun and crazy family, I will spend as much time as I can with my panganay (eldest son) and guide him to be the best kuya to his little brother. 🙂



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