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Intro: Marcus Pietro

He’s here! Everyone, meet the Little Peanut (who is definitely NOT a peanut at 7lbs!): Marcus Pietro.


Marcus, as we fondly call him, decided he wanted to make an intro to our great big world on January 30 via cesarean section. I haven’t shared with you but my OB and I were hoping for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) especially after knowing that I am an excellent candidate for it. The little dude had a different plan though and on my 38th week, he decided he’ll stick on a breech position and come out of the world with pizzazz.

The Name

I received the same questions from our visitors in the hospital about his name. Only a few people knew about the name that we wanted to give our baby. Everyone else knew him by the name Little Peanut. Marcus was already decided even before we knew I was pregnant. We wanted to name our children after the evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John). Lucas took after St. Luke’s name and Marcus, after St. Mark. Deciding on the second name was tricky. We wanted it Spanish sounding like Lucas Gabriel to compliment our last name. We also originally wanted to use one of the names of the Archangel (like Gabriel) however, Mike didn’t like Miguel (too patronizing of his name), nor Raphael (we had several Raphael’s and Ralph’s in our family tree) and the other names, well, they didn’t really appealed to us. We still want a biblical name though but most were either too common or would commonly be mispronounced (like Job). One day I was talking to a Spanish colleague and he was asking me about the baby’s name. When I told him I wanted a Spanish name and that we have decided on Marcus as the first name he gave me a confused look and said, “Marcus is not Spanish. Marcus is Italian.”. Demmit, he’s right! It’s Roman to be specific. Duh, Marcus Tullius Cicero, Marcus Aurelius, Marcus Antonius (Mark Anthony). I gave myself a facepalm after that. I told Mike about it and that the Spanish name for Marcus is Marco but we have fallen in love with Marcus and we decided to stick with it. It also made deciding on the name harder. One day Mike messaged me the name Pietro. It’s the Italian name for Peter. It didn’t appeal to me the first time I heard it but eventually, it grew on me until it sounded perfect for our little one. Marcus Pietro has been finalized.

About the Boy

Marcus was born 7lbs at 38 weeks. He was a big baby considering Kuya Lucas was only 5.6 lbs when I gave birth to him. Now at 16 days he has the sweetest coos and cutest expressions. I see traces of me on his features (although it is still too early to tell) and surprisingly, Mike doesn’t deny it. He feeds a lot (he doesn’t seem to get satisfied) and feels like he already grew twice his birth size because my mom and I both can’t carry him long without feeling a little strain in our arms. He’s like any 2 week old now, sleeping, feeding, pooping nonstop. He likes to be swaddled too. His cord stump fell off on his first week so now he takes a bath which he absolutely hates. He’s starting to see things because he now follows the movement of my hand with a toy although his vision may still be blurred. He also hates it when I try to help him burp. He gives me that irritated sound as if saying “Mami put me down!”. Sometimes I wonder if he is already showing signs of his personality. Haha. He is my calm when we are together. Babies have that kind of effect on moms 🙂

So there he is, the newest member of the family. Another little boy who just proved my heart can overflow so much more with love for him, his Kuya, and his Dad. Join us as we unravel a new adventure in our lives now.


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