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Birthing Story Episode II: Marcus Pietro

Marcus will be turning one month this week. I can’t believe it has been a month already since his first appearance to the world. It’s really time for me to share our birthing story before I forget about it (although that’s highly unlikely).

When my new OB-Gyne (I changed doctors in this pregnancy) found out that I gave birth via cesarean section with Lucas, she asked what was the reason. I told her there was fetal distress due to coiled cord. She asked me to get my medical records from my former doctor because she wanted to check if I am a candidate for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section or VBAC. I actually wanted that and upon finding out that I was a candidate, I got excited.

Until my 36th week came.

The baby was in an incomplete breech position and this was quite risky because if I ever go into labor, onr of his feet or even the umbilical cord could be the first to come out first. Very risky. I had to take it easy that week because we want to wait until my 37th week for me to go on labor for two reasons: 1. for the baby to turn around, head first, so I can give birth through spontaneous normal delivery, or 2. if he doesn’t change his position, I will be scheduled immediately for CS. I prayed so hard for the baby inside me to change position so I can have a normal delivery. On my 37th week check-up, we were relieved to find out that he has turned so it’s waiting game for me and Mike once again.

Before my 38th week, I had another check up and guess what? The baby was in breech position again. Pfft. My OB asked me for a date so we can already schedule my CS. If the baby ever turns around again, then we’ll cancel the schedule and, well, wait again. At that point I have accepted the fact that I will be giving birth through CS again. Oh well, at least the hassle of rushing to the hospital when labor begins is out of the picture.

January 29, I started feeling contractions already. I thought I could be giving birth that day. On January 30, I was brought to the OB-Gyne Center of St. Luke’s Medical Center in Global City where the staff started monitoring fetal condition and status. Mike wasn’t allowed to join me inside but they did tell us that when it’s time, they will call him inside the delivery room.

My doctor already told me that I won’t be sedated throughout the whole procedure unlike my first birthing experience. She said that if the mom is sedated, the baby could also be sedated when they pull him out. There has been some cases where in some doctors had to give medicines to the baby to wake him up. Of course I didn’t want that then I asked myself “then why the heck did my other OB agreed on me being fully sedated before??”.  I have never experienced being opened up fully awake and honestly, I was more terrified with the kind of pain I would be feeling when the anesthesiologist gives me an epidural. Seriously, I was sooo nervous.

Around 6 PM, I heard my doctor’s voice and that was the first time I felt relieved since I was brought inside the labor room. When she peeked inside the cubicle, she was already in scrubs and was surprised when she saw the fetal monitor report because I was already in active labor with moderate contractions! She immediately checked if the baby turned around because if he did, we’ll wait it out. He didn’t. In a matter of 15 minutes, I was being wheeled inside the delivery room.

It was bright and cold inside the room. It reminded of scenes from ER. Yes, I am THAT old. I was greeted by a pleasant, soft-spoken doctor in scrubs who was the anesthesiologist. No matter how kind he seemed to be, my nerves started getting on to me again and I nervously told him that I never felt the epidural being administered to me because I was knocked out when I gave birth to Lucas. He assured me I will only feel a little sting and then the numbness. Still, I was scared as hell. I kept on looking for Mike so he could be there when they give me the anesthesia but alas, he wasn’t in the room yet. One nurse asked me to be in fetal position then I felt cold liquid rubbed on my back and then a sting. The general anesthesia was administered. Then I felt a second, less painful sting. It felt like something as thin as hair was injected in my back. I then felt a cold, liquid-like stuff spreading from my spine down to my hips. In a matter of 2 or 3 minutes, I couldn’t feel my legs anymore. Then Mike was ushered inside the delivery room. Five minutes too late, Hun.

The rest of the procedure went well except for the chills that I had. My arms were strapped because I was shaking like crazy. Mike was holding my hand, the anesthesiologist supported  the sides of my head and occasionally asked how I was feeling or if I feel any pain. My doctor and her assistant were chatting away and occasionally checked up on me too. After a good 30 minutes, I heard my doctor say “6:45, baby out” followed by a cry. It was my first time to hear my baby’s first cry! I was so excited and I felt like crying if not for the uncontrollable shaking I had that time. My doctor already invited Mike to take pictures so that was the time he let go of my hand. I’m saving you the gory photos hehe. He said the baby looks like Lucas. After a few minutes, the other pediatrician walked over to me with my baby and gently placed him on my chest so he can latch on to me. He’s a natural, by the way. They unstrapped my arms so I can hold him while shivering from the cold and I whispered, “Hey, Marcus”.


The lil guy stayed with me the whole time they were sewing me up and well, Mike just clicked away. I can’t believe it took them longer to close me up or maybe time didn’t matter because I was too busy staring at my new born’s face. Mike was even able to make an announcement already to social media.

Marcus and I were briefly separated as my requested pediatrician, Dr. Vienne de Lou Saulog checked him and while the staff cleaned me up. We were reunited in the Recovery Room. I wanted to sleep but I was still shivering so the whole four hours that I was there I was awake. I didn’t asked to be sedated anymore because I wanted to breastfeed Marcus. I wanted to learn the first steps in breastfeeding because I want us to be successful in it. What I didn’t realize is that I will feel the anesthesia wear off. The pain started creeping in and man, did it hurt! I asked for two shots of pain killers the whole time I was there.

When I was brought to my room around 1AM, my in-laws were there waiting for the newest member of the family. I wanted to sleep but I can feel the pain from my lower abdomen and I was very thirsty already. I wasn’t allowed even a drop of water until 6AM. I guess I had a short nap of 20 minutes until 6 in the morning came. When my breakfast was delivered, I immediately requested Mike to give me a small cup of water. Holy cow, nothing tasted better.

We stayed in the hospital for three more days. All the time Marcus was with me. On our second day, Marcus was already sleeping beside me. I am thankful for all the friends and family who visited us. It made my recovery better. Plus I am proud to introduce Marcus to them.

marcus hosp 3
Look at those yummy cheeks!

marucs hosp1

Kuya Lucas visited Marcus the day after I gave birth. He was his usual happy self. When he saw his brother he looked a little confused until we told him that that’s baby Marcus. The baby in my belly that he has been kissing for 9 months. He warmed up to him after that. 🙂

lucas and marcus

Before we left, Marcus had his first bath too. 🙂

marcus hosp2
Taken after his first bath

Overall, I would say it was a pleasant experience. Why? The care that I got from the staff from the OB center to the nurses who visited regularly was a good experience for a mom who just gave birth and recovering. They were all very nice and understanding of my needs especially every time I buzz them to help me breastfeed. Having my husband hold my hand all throughout the delivery was the security I exactly needed that time. I can’t imagine going through that without him beside me. Hearing my new born’s first cry, and not being separated from him throughout the whole experience tops the list. I would gladly take on all the pain again if only for that reason alone.

Now, Marcus and I are doing well. I am recovering from my CS procedure and Marcus is feeding well and growing so fast! My heart is full with so much love for my three boys now and I can feel that the feeling is mutual. 🙂

marcus 2
In his own bed finally at home. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Birthing Story Episode II: Marcus Pietro

  1. Oh, so adorable! Iba talaga yung feeling na makita for the first time ang anak. Nakakatuwa din yung mag reminisce ng panganganak. Though painful, worth it naman pag nakita na ang baby.

    Congrats ulit mommy Maggie! =)

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