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Summer Time Books

My preschooler will start his summer vacation next week. We decided not to enroll him in summer class but instead plan some summer activities for us to do at home.

First thing on my list is to have a set of books that we’ll be reading during summer nights. Since I can’t go and rummage through Booksale (which I immensely miss doing!), I rummaged through our book pile to see what we have. Here are summer themed books that you can read to your kids this season.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

This is perfect for families who will be traveling during summer. It also encourages children to explore even if it is at their own backyard.

How I Became a Pirate

Another story to light up the creative, adventurous minds of your young ones. Besides, the story starts at the beach so…

Guess How Much I Love you in the Summer

Guess how much i love you in the summer

Sam McBratney’s famous children’s story has a summertime setting. In fact, it has a version for every season. 🙂

The Fire Station

Actually any book about fire stations are recommended. Don’t forget the importance of safety to prevent fire during the summer months!

I Can Read with My Eyes Shut

Another Dr. Seuss favorite to, what else, encourage more reading during the school break!

So far these are the books in our small library that are summer-themed. What about you? What other books do you have in your shelves that is a perfect read during the season? 🙂


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