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The Lil Lion’s Christening: Details

Last April 19, we welcomed the newest and littlest member of our family to Christianity.

The preparations were all organized by yours truly and Mike. Let me share with you the details of his baptism.


We had one major booboo. We did not get a photographer for the baptism. We thought that since we had a DSLR and Mike’s brother has a DSLR, we would have some good shots of the celebration. Boy, were we wrong. So parents, party organizers, rule of thumb if you want great shots of your events, HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER. I recommend Studio 2716. Please bear with the quality of photos in this post.

Ok back to the details.


Marcus was named after the evangelist, St. Mark. St. Mark’s symbol is the winged lion, a symbol of power of the Evangelist’s word and spiritual elevation. It is just apt that we chose the theme Little Lion for our little boy.


Mike did all the graphics for the digital invitation, giveaway tags and other details.


Marcus used his Kuya’s white garments when Lucas was baptized. We changed his clothes to a lion-themed attire at the restaurant. We bought this set at Mothercare.

Lil Lion with his aunt and grandma

Lucas, not to be outdone, was equally spiffing in his attire.

Polo: H&M, Pants: GAP, Shoes: Kickers, Hair: by Dadi, Charm: From Mami haha

Desserts and giveaway

I baked all the desserts and giveaways for the baptism. I made some Nutella cream filled chocolate brownies for dessert and chocolate cakepops and sugar cookies as giveaways. Mike did the mock cake to top the cupcake tower too. I think I got a little carried away with the baking simply because I missed it so much. I hope the guests didn’t get any sugar rush after the party.

baptism cupcakes

baptism cakepops

baptism cookies


Wishing Tree

These were my inspiration for Marcus’ wishing tree (all images are from Pinterest):





We were able to buy white twigs and floral foam in Bacoor. We borrowed pots from the restaurant, had it covered in orange Japanese paper. They also offered setting it up for us. I tried looking for a photo of the wishing tree, unfortunately there’s none. Huhubelles.

We printed wishing cards that the guests can fill out and hang on the wishing tree. I saw a wonderful idea in Pinterest (thank you) and put meaningful quotes from children’s books on each card. Here’s a sample of the card:



If you would like to get a copy of the template, shoot me an email or leave a comment below and I’ll send it to you. 🙂

I will share with you about the church and venue in my succeeding posts.


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