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Family Bowling and Thoughts on Mother’s Day

Yesterday, we went to play bowling. Mike though of it because Lucas has been fascinated with the game. There’s a mini bowling game for kids in Timezone and aside from basketball, that’s the only game he plays. He would also ask us to look for videos of bowling matches in YouTube and he would watch it. He even ask me to download a mobile game. Yep, he’s so fascinated with bowling.

Kiddie bowling game in Timezone


You can just imagine how happy he was when we took him to the bowling alley in SM Megamall. He didn’t realize it at first until he saw the big “Bowling” sign outside. He yelled with delight when I pointed to him the bowling lanes. “Bowling!!!!”, he screamed happily.

After paying for our games and shoes, it was him vs. his dad. Ok, I was suppose to play against Mike but I let Lucas play because he was so excited! We had to guide him and guard him properly because he wanted to get the bowling balls by himself. Mike guided Lucas as he pushed the ball down the lane. Oh the joy when it hit the pins! He was jumping up and down and said,”strike!” or “I did it!”. It was pure joy that I have never seen from him.



I give kudos to Mike too because he was just as excited to teach and help Lucas to bowl. He even slipped and fell because he was trying to kick the bowling ball that Lucas pushed so it would roll faster. Sorry, I knew it hurt him but it was freakin funny. :p But then I realized how much he loves his son because he would do anything to make the little boy happy. #buwisbuhay #bestdaddyawardplease

Little Paeng and his coach



Honestly, I didn’t want to go bowling. I suck at the game. Tried it once and I didn’t like it. Tried it again yesterday and I am just as bad. I even had a selfish thought before going to the mall. “It’s mother’s day, right? Should the mother choose what we I want to do?”. But then again, I agreed because I know Lucas will like it. Besides, I was outnumbered. Haha!

When I saw how much fun my son was having, I found myself enjoying the game too, or at least watching him have fun. I found myself laughing and jumping with him every time his ball hits the pin. My heart was so full to see that big smile and get an energetic high five from him. I realized at the end of the day, this is exactly what I wanted to do on Mother’s Day because it’s exactly what I want to feel.

I guess somehow, that’s what Mother’s Day is for. Of course it’s awesome to treat moms to spa, shower them with gifts and honor them on this day so they, we, would feel special. I think it’s also important to remind moms how wonderful it feels to be a mom when you’re being a mom. Mike of course treated me to a nice shopping spree and I truly appreciate that but the moment that I will remember forever is sharing the joy my son felt. He made me so happy and he doesn’t even know it. It reminded me how amazing it feels to be a mom and why I would not trade it for the world. Sometimes, children don’t have to do so much to make their moms feel great. When they are happy, mothers will always be happier.


I thank my husband for convincing me to go bowling. He made both me and Lucas so happy. Oh Marcus was happily sleeping by my side throughout the game too. 🙂 It was one of the best Mother’s Day celebrations I have experienced.

How about you, mom? How did  you celebrate Mother’s Day?


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