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Sunday Musings: On Creating Happy Memories

Hello blog world. Yep, I am still writing and I still have a blog after what seemingly feels like a hiatus from blogging. Yes, I have not given up on blogging albeit the crazy, happy busy-ness that I have with a growing baby boy and an equally growing active preschooler. Let it be recognize that I dream, think, breathe of blogging. I just don’t have enough hands to type down my thoughts. I often times wish that I can blog my thoughts as I think of them. Finally, as I wait for my meringue cookies to bake (in the wee hours of the morning, mind you), I finally found the chance to type my thoughts before my life as a mom and wife begins. Here’s hoping that I get to finish this post too.

The challenge of not being able to blog for a month leaves me the question where do I begin? So what have been my musings lately? My life has been quite eventful in my standards, I must say. A baby growing so fast in front of my eyes, me adjusting (still) to the SAHM life, husband getting  a new job (thank you Lord), baking here and there, learning new baking design techniques, a business venture brewing, the eldest moving up to the next level.

Most recently, my thoughts are about my eldest. I admit not being able to spend quality time with him since Marcus was born and even resorting to gadgets to keep him busy. When he got sick this week, that’s when I automatically shifted my focus on him. That’s when I realized how big he has grown in a span of two months. For starters, he has grown taller, bigger. We bought him several pairs of jeans, shirts and shoes because he has outgrown those that he used to wear two months ago. He speaks more fluently than he did two months ago. He has significant comments about things that he observes, emotions that he feels, even questions that he thinks of. I told myself, “man, my baby is no longer a baby. He really is a kid now.”

This is where he will start to have memories.

As a mom, I feel it is my responsibility to give him happy memories to look back to when he is older. Every mom would want her child to have happy, blissful memories worth remembering and sharing to friends and their future families. This is the time when his mind starts to collect pebbles of experiences when he laughed the most, cried the most, felt fear for the first time, learn and understand things and people around him.

Admittedly, I haven’t been as “present” to him as I wanted to be the whole summer having to care for another baby. When I was pregnant, I had plans of the many gadget-free activities that we will do together. Those have been replace with gadget-filled time with him alone. I feel guilty, I feel sad. I am also determined to stop it and start contributing to his happy memory bank.


I have always enjoyed our “dates” together. We had those before I had Marcus but I never really paid attention to the time we spent together. Our recent date together felt very special albeit short and simple. We just went to school, hung out a bit in an ice cream shop and just talked. It was just him and me and we both loved it. I plan to have our regular dates together. Just the two of us being silly and talking about almost anything from his fear of cockroaches, to his new toy car, to Peppa Pig. My plan is to do this until he’s older and I’m older-er. Oh maybe for the next 50 years or so =) .

Daily We-Time

Apart from our regular dates, I will plan a daily we-time with him where I will give Marcus to the care of the yaya for an hour or two without feeling guilty about it. Of course I will make sure he’s well-fed or there’s a stash of milk in the fridge before I give him to the yaya. Lucas and I will play together, do his school work together, watch Peppa Pig or Team Umizoomi together. do chores together. Yes, I am teaching my child to be independent at this stage but I do not want him to feel neglected because of the new baby.

Take photos and videos of each other


And have it printed. At least the photos.

One of my goals for the year is to have a photo album for the family. Mike and I have been checking out Fotogra Books and as soon as he comes back from his trip we will start pooling the digital pictures and choosing which ones to be printed.

Mini surprises

I would put mini surprises in Lucas’ lunch box every now and then. Whether it is a note saying I love him, a yummy treat or a small sticker. He loves it! One time I made him numbers-shaped sugar cookies and he kept on asking for more. I don’t do it every day otherwise, the magic of surprise will fade away.

Plan Ahead

Doing all of these was easy when it was just Lucas. Having Marcus in the family will make a difference especially with the demands that he has. They may be basic but boy, they are time consuming. So planning for the day and the week is the key to accomplish all these. Yep, even memory building needs planning =).

I am fortunate to have a little boy who is easily pleased. Even if just get to find a lost marble, his joy is genuine. His smile is real and his gratitude is not forced. I want for him to have more of those. He’s growing up way too fast now and I do not want to miss the chance to fill up his childhood memories with happy ones.

What about you? How do you create happy memories with your kids?


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