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Weekend Shopping and Shops Holding a Sale 

One of the things I love about my birthday is that it always falls on the month where the shops are always on sale. Usually, the months of June and July would cater to shops’ great bargains. Of course this year is no exemption. Today we went to Makati for our monthly playdate with cousin Sha and CJ and the kids and while waiting for them,  I got to check out my favorite shops.

Old Navy has sale items on sale up to 70% off. I was focusing on the kids’ section but there are also some good finds in the adults section.




Mothercare offers buy one get the second item for 50% . This is applicable to all regular items. I always go to Mothercare for baby items even when Lucas was younger. I am a fan of the brands they carry. The clothes are also super cute and practical. We got t-shirts for the boys especially Lucas because when I cleared out his closet a few weeks ago, he has outgrown literally half of the shirts in it!




Cotton On Kids was also on sale. I also love the clothes here for Lucas but Mike just got back from Australia and has bought enough shirts for Lucas already from Cotton On. I didn’t get anything but here are some of the items I liked.


Baby scarves for Php 400


Sleep sack for Php 800
Star Wars shirt for Php 450



Carter’s OshKosh B’gosh had sale items with 30% to 50% discounts. Carter’s is one of the brands that I really like for babies because the material is soft and stretchable. I didn’t get anything from Carter’s today because my friend is sending over some clothes from Carter’s Canada but there are some great clothes for the lil ones in there too.


I went to Hobbes and Landes and they too were on sale. Here are some of items that I saw with discounts.




My most favorite store is also on sale! Mango’s clothes and accessories are on sale for up to 50% . All the items are on sale and it basically drove me crazy. They are on sale until the end of the monthHere’s my favorite purchase from Mango.

Striped cotton dress | MANGO
Dress for Php975

Basically almost all of the shops in Greenbelt 5 were on sale: Pedro, Charles and Keith, Warehouse, Promod, etc. And most of them will still be on sale until the end of the month soooo if you are in the mood to shop, head over to Makati and find great deals there! Dali! The next time these shops will have great sales will probably be next quarter pa!


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