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Learning Watercolor Lettering with Crafternoons

When I was small…wait…younger (there, better), like when I was a kid, I love to doodle. My mom would bring home reams of scratch paper and I would draw and doodle on them every chance I got. In highschool and college, I liked lettering using chalk and stabilo highlight markers. Then I started working and all of a sudden my budding “skill” was forgotten. Until I saw calligraphy workshops and creatives popping out of FB and IG starting last year. I really wanted to rekindle my love for lettering and even learn something new to improve the skill. Unfortunately, most of the workshops were held in the north side of the metro and for someone who lives in the south with a new baby in tow, joining those workshops was quite challenging. There were a few calligraphy and lettering workshops held in the south but it was so seldom and would normally be held on a weekday and Mike couldn’t drive me and the baby to the venue. It would also be filled up so fast because, well, workshops like these are rare commodities in the south.

Then there was crafternoons. Crafternoons organize various workshop for crafty southerners like me. They are organized by Michelle of Momma n’ Manila and Patty of Mrs. C’s Sugar Coated Life. No kidding, it was like a southerner crafter’s oasis in a desert. I wanted to join the brush lettering workshop last March but since I just gave birth to Marcus, I held back. When I found out that they are holding a watercolor lettering workshop this month, I knew I had to join.

I was so excited because the class will be taught by Anina Rubio. If you check out her IG feed (aninarubio), her calligraphy and lettering works are fantastic. I was also excited to meet Michelle, whose blog I’ve been stalking errr reading for quite some time. Later on I found out that Patty was her partner and that got me more excited because I also read her blog. Wonderful, crafty ladies indeed!

Materials were provided by Zig and Stabilo. I was awed by the water brush that we used. It’s shaped like a pen or a marker so it’s easier to write. One end’s a brush while the body holds water that you can squeeze on your palette or paper to change the consistency of the medium so you don’t need to dip the brush over and over again in water. Amazeballs.


Anina blissfully taught the class. She taught the basics of watercolor for painting and lettering. The class was pretty small so she was able to visit each table to demonstrate and check our work. She would also give us tips and guidelines to follow. For someone who’s always been intimidated by watercolor, I sure learned a lot. Of course I still need a little practice and that’s all I’ve been doing during my free time since the past weekend.




Draft Gastro Pub was the venue for the workshop and they served us good food during the break. I had the bleu cheese burger. I loved the tang of the bleu cheese. It wasn’t overpowering and the burger was cooked to the right temperature.


The class was so much fun. I was seated with a group of fun ladies. All of us were nervous, anxious and excited to learn. I think ours was the noisiest table. Sorry neighbors. 🙂

I am so thankful that Michelle and Patty thought of Crafternoons and hold workshops like this to Southerners like me. If you are a crafty southerner who’s also looking forward to attend arts and crafts workshops, check out CrafternoonsPH’s Facebook and Instagram (@crafternoonsph). Here is an upcoming workshop:

Thanks, again, CrafternoonsPh! Looking forward for more workshops!


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