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Mami’s Fun Finds: MOA Edition

Last Sunday, we were at the Mall of Asia. Honestly, I am not a fan of MOA. Yes, I am a self-confessed mall-rat but I find it too big for my short patience and legs. I never liked having to “hunt” for the store that I want to go to. It was an exhausting mall for me so unless we have a specific reason for going there (we went bowling yesterday), I would opt to spend my time in a smaller mall with all the stores I want to visit. So since there was a reason to go there yesterday, I had no choice but to spend a few (exhausting!) hours there and do what I do best: find fun stuff around.

Wait, before that lemme just say how much my son loved playing bowling. He had his first bowling experience last May and never forgot about it. The SM MOA bowling has guide rails and stands for little kids to use. I was also surprised that they have bowling shoes for kids as young as Lucas. Here are some photos at the bowling alley.

Matchy-matchy with Dadi at the bowling alley! (uy it rhymes! lol)

Okay, back to my fun finds, MOA edition.

These cute items are from Forever 21

Pretty ceramic jewelry holders


iPhone 5/5S phone case – Php 585


Cute owl lip balms

Mike saw this herb pot in Gourdo’s for Php 500. This is great especially if your worried of bugs eating your fresh herbs.


Daphne Oseña, one of my favorite style icons, launched a line of stationery this year but I never got to see these up close. When I passed by National Bookstore and saw the Daphne brand kiosk and I love everything in it! I am a pen hoarder and these pens are love!


Check out the other Daphne stationery products in her blog.

I also discovered fun foodie finds at MOA.

My husband has been talking about this food baby called custaroons by Custaroonery. These are coconut macaroons on top of a sweet, creamy custard. I found it right outside National Bookstore at the ground floor of MOA. They sell 15 mini custaroons or six regular sized custaroons for Pho 265 per box.




These were so gooood. The custard is so smooth and creamy it’s like biting into a really good leche flan. It’s not too sweet so you won’t get tired eating it. I personally prefer the bit-sized custaroons for that perfect one-bite goodness…and then you’d catch yourself eating two or three or more. That’s okay. Haha.

This is the perfect pasalubong or gift if you got tired of giving cakes or doughnuts. The boxes are so pretty and so far, all my friends who have tried it have never been disappointed. So good! Wait…let me get one from the fridge.

Alright, last fun foodie find is Pie Face.



You can find this small cozy cafe at the North Wing of SM MOA, beside Sbarro, across the hypermarket. They sell savory and sweet pies. I tried the savory pies while my sister, who apparently is already a fan, bought some of their dessert pies. I liked the pulled pork pie with the spicy barbecue sauce. Too bad they didn’t have the classic Aussie Mince mini pie. I didn’t want to try the large pie because I might end up not liking it. The meat pies are sold for Php 45 for the mini pies, while the regular sized ones start at Php 115.

My sister loved the dessert pies but I find it too sweet for my liking. These are Php 45 each.



Watch out for more fun finds from this mall-rat mommy!


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