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Mothers Who Brunch Goes Asian

I received an invitation from Mish of Momma N’ Manila a couple of weeks ago to join them and other moms for Mothers Who Brunch in Alabang. I immediately said yes for several reasons: 1. It was an invitation from Mish, a fellow TLA mom and who has given me so much inspiration from her blog, 2. The venue was at the Viking Showroom in Alabang, which is like a couple of somersaults away from our place, 3. It’s been a while since I have been out to meet new people, especially moms, since I gave birth to Marcus. I thought this would be a opportunity to meet and hang out with wonderful ladies, 4. It’s brunch. If there’s anything I like more than breakfast, it’s brunch. Um, who doesn’t? Hahaha.

Mothers Who Brunch is a brainchild of Michelle and Sabrina of Sinfully Sabrina. They collaborated to invite moms to an intimate, yet casual gathering where we learn new things, relax and get inspired to be better moms and wives. The theme for the brunch is Asian and our hosts prepared a beautiful spread of Asian dishes for us.

Since the theme was Asian, I finally had the chance to wear this Kurtis that I got from India last year.

Photo by Jay Santos

While waiting for the guests, we were served with Asian appetizers. I love the peanut sauce for the spring rolls.


Yummy satay – pic by Jay Santos

Look at the beautiful styling by Boquiera Lifestyle Market. How cute are these fans? I’m so glad we got to take them home.



Our hosts prepared an activity for the guests too. We had a mini Ikebana class.

Learning and clicking away – photo by Jay Santos

I am loving these vases from L’Indochine.


I didn’t realize doing Ikebana could be so relaxing. One of the important things you need to remember when you are arranging flowers is to cut the stem diagonally and to immediately put them in water. Once the ends start to dry up, it means that the pores have already closed and water may not be absorbed well by the flower/plant causing it to wilt faster.

Ikebana is relaxing pala – photo by Jay Santos

When watering flowers, just add water to the vase or the floral foam which holds the plants. Putting water on the petals of the plant may cause bacteria to seep in and wilt the petals faster. Aha!

Ta-daaa! My finished work! Not bad for a first timer I must say.

After the Ikebana class, we watched Chef Arnold Bernardo of Pastry Armoire cook Gourmet Tinapa Rice using Deep Dips’ Spicy Tinapa in tomato sauce. This. Was. So. Good. I posted a photo on Instagram and wished that there was a scratch and smell feature on IG because the whole kitchen smelled so good when he was cooking the rice. It went well with the rest of the Asian menu we had that morning.


This was prepared for us for brunch:

Chef Arnold’s Gourmet Tinapa Rice


Cedar plank Asian salmon


To.Die.For Spicy lechon belly

Dessert was taken care of by Chef Anna Chua of Pastry Armoire. My favorite was a no-brainer. I love Matcha so the matcha blondies were my top pick. It must be my day because after enjoying the dessert we were given The Perfect Match-a by Up in the Clouds.

Matcha blondies, Kashi Maki, Kaffir Lime tarts by Chef Anna Chua


The Perfect Matcha by Up in the Clouds

After lunch Mish told us that the food were all prepared right there at the Viking Kitchen. She gave us a quick tour around the showroom to showed us the different Viking products. Honestly, when I saw the Viking products, it was how I imagined my dream kitchen would be like.

- Viking Showroom's Working Kitchen
I wouldn’t mind staying at the kitchen the whole day if it’s like this

- VIKING Showroom 2nd floor

My favorite is this Viking oven.


As a home baker, any appliance that will make baking quick and easy is welcome in my kitchen. The oven distributes heat evenly which means there is no risk for hot spots. Hot spots can cause one part of your roast chicken darker while the other part is still pale. Hot spots also cause uneven tops on cakes and cupcakes. Normally, I would have to turn the baking pan 180 degrees mid-way through the baking to ensure even tops but with this oven, I wouldn’t need to do that. Brilliant.

It also has a self-cleaning feature. SELF-CLEANING. What mom (or dad) wouldn’t want that? The oven turns the temperature up to 800 degrees Farenheit and burns all drippings, spills, or splatters in the oven until it turns. All you need to do is wipe the ash afterwards. The best part about this feature is once you turn on the self-clean knob, the oven will automatically lock and it cannot be opened until it is safe to do so. No need to worry about little hands getting burned or accidentally opening the oven door.

I am also loving the fridge! I’ve always wanted one with a French door bottom freezer.


Two things that I like about it is that it has adjustable Cold Zone drawer. It allows me to adjust the temperature at the freezer area depending on the food stored there. It also has air purification system. Purified air keeps fresh produce fresh longer. That means I don’t have to buy fruits and especially vegetable every other day.

Michelle explaining the features of the Viking range

I am most impressed with Viking’s safety features. For a mom like me with a preschooler who always tags along with me wherever in the house, I want to make sure that everywhere, even the kitchen, is safe. I mentioned about the self-locking feature of the oven while it cleans itself. It also has heat proof surface which means there is minimal heat when you touch the surface of the oven. Another safety feature that had me in awe is with the Viking range. When a gust of wind blows off the fire from the range, the Viking range automatically turns the fire on again. Amazing! I won’t have to sniff around for gas leaks and get stressed out.

Over-all I really enjoyed the few hours that I spent meeting new moms, chatting, learning new things, enjoying and appreciating great food. It was a welcome change for this full-time mom.


But wait, there’s more! We also got to take home a bagful of goodies from the event’s sponsors.



…and this raffle prize that I won. Thanks, Philosophy!


Thank you Mish and Sabrina for inviting me and all the recipes and goodies that we were able to take home. Thanks to Viking for hosting the event and to all the sponsors that made us feel great and well, very full and satisfied. It’s always a pleasure to spend time with wonderful women. Here’s hoping for more! Cheers!




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