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Mom-me Quiet Time and Blissful Mornings


I don’t usually wait for Lucas in school. I would just bring him and yaya to school and come back for them during dismissal. In between, I do other mom duties for the littlest one. Yesterday was different. I decided to let yaya stay at home and look after Marcus with my mom and I waited for Kuya. It gave me three hours of waiting time. Three hours of me time. A break from my usual crazy mornings.

Like most people, my  mornings are hectic. It includes coaxing the preschooler to wake up and get ready for school. In between, I also feed and bathe the littlest. Then I bring Lucas to school, go home for more mommy duties and pick up Lucas. That’s my daily grind. My mornings move in a haze until we get to school where I intentionally slow down to spend some fun time with Lucas before he runs up for class. Then everything moves fast again.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my hectic mornings. I enjoy every minute with my boys. Sometimes though, and just like everyone else, a mom needs a breather. The daily grind can be exhausting physically and emotionally so I needed a break from the usual. That’s what I did yesterday (without abandoning my responsibilities of course).

A three hour me time is a welcome change to my daily grind where I am with my kids 24/7. After I brought Lucas to school, I went to a nearby coffee shop to catch up on my reading (and finally finished the book!), enjoy a cup of coffee and a warm brownie. It felt good to have that alone time. I had time to collect my thoughts and write them down. I thought about life, the blessings we are receiving and felt good about it. The time may have been short, and I may not be doing it everyday but this will be something I will do regularly because I felt more relaxed and happier after the three-hour break.

Whether you are working or a stay-at-home mom, having a quiet time is highly recommended. When I was a trainer and I felt my creative juices have dried out of seeped out of my brain, I remember taking a 15-minute break, going to an empty training room and I would just stare out of the window. After the short break, I would be able to squeeze out more creative juices to finish my work. Quiet time is a short retreat that rejuvenates the body and mind. It organizes your thoughts and refines your actions and decisions.

Quiet time could be a few minutes alone in a room, a short walk in the city, a couple of hours in a coffee shop of spa, or a bookstore, a couple of precious minutes in a bath or a few hours with your book, remember to take a breather. You will be surprised how much happier and more relaxed you will feel. Happier you = a better you.


3 thoughts on “Mom-me Quiet Time and Blissful Mornings

  1. Congratulations to find time on your “me”-time! I totally understand you and I can partially relate to that. Unlike you, I’m a working mother. But that isn’t different from yours because moms are always on the go whether a WAHM or a SAHM. Both are working for the sake of the family. Right?

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