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Mothers Who Brunch Spooky Edition

Photo by Jay Santos
Photo by Jay Santos; styling by Boqueria Lifestyle Market

Wow. It’s already the 9th of November! Now before we all get into the Christmas groove, let me share with you the Mother’s Who Brunch event I attended last month because the where theme was Halloween. It was once again held at the Viking Range Showroom in Alabang. This is my second time to attend Mother’s Who Brunch (read about the first MWB that I attended here) and I’m always excited to join for several reasons:

1. The hostesses are brilliant! Mish of Momma n Manila and Sab of Sinfully Sabrina come up with fun themes and activities for the mommy guests. Last month the theme was spooky Halloween. It was a different kind of MWB because what would normally be a gathering of mommies having brunch together was made more fun when we were asked to bring our eldest kids with us! Fun, right?

Sab and Mish welcoming their guests to Mothers Who Brunch in the Viking Range Kitchen


Loving the pumpkin patch and the little boy’s smile


2. I get to meet new mommies with similar interests as I . Whether it’s the love for cooking, food, or mommyhood wins and woes, it’s always nice to meet lovely moms who share their experiences and passion.

Photo by Jay Santos

3. The food is always delicious. Mish and Sab, both great cooks, always whip up yummy dishes for the moms and better yet, they share the recipes with us. Look at the delicious spread during the Mother’s Who Brunch Spooky Edition. Uh-mazing!

Coffin Sandwiches. Photo by Jay Santos
Photo by Jay Santos
Love these Kale Chips by Mish. Great alternative when I’m craving for chips. Photo by Jay Santos
Mac and Cheese. Photo by Jay Santos
Popcorn balls. Photo by Jay Santos
This is my favorite. Graveyard Taco Dip. Photo by Jay Santos

4. They always have activities for the guests. Yes, I get to learn something new. Last month I sewed a Halloween loot bag for Lucas. The materials were provided by Ant’s Pocket. Ok, I confess, I am not too fond of sewing but with the guidance of Ann of Ant’s Pocket I successfully finished the bag with no injuries. Win!

They even had an activity prepared for the kids. They invited Engineering for Kids and taught them how to make ice cream. My lil one wasn’t too fond of ice cream so he joined me in our sewing session.

Sew, sew, sew! Photo by Jay Santos
Engineering for kids teaching the kids how to make ice cream. Photo by Jay Santos before Lucas went down to join me.
Photo by Jay Santos

5. They have a professional photographer to document the event. The event is documented by Jay Santos and he takes beautiful shots! I like taking pictures with my cam but sometimes when I am having so much fun (like during this event), I forget to take pictures. Most the time I am not in my shots as well, for obvious reasons. So it’s nice to receive an email from the hostesses with beautiful photos of the event and with me in it! The last MWB portrait shots were more special because Lucas was with me.

Photo by Jay Santos

6. The loot bags. Oh my, the lootbags they give away to their guests are the best! Pangkabuhayan showcase! Haha. They have the most generous sponsors. Last MWB loot bags had something for the kids too.


7. The event is awe-inspiring. To tell you the truth, before I had kids, Halloween didn’t mean a lot to me. I guess growing up in a Filipino household, October 31st would mean preparing for a day in the memorial park the following day and coming up with ideas not to bore myself to death. No pun intended. After the MWB Spooky edition, I was so inspired to prepare our own Halloween party that I immediately texted my sister-in-law about it. Too bad we had to cancel our plans because our schedules didn’t meet. Mish and Sab make their MWB’s beautiful and encouraging for moms like me who finds hosting an event challenging.


Thanks again, ladies!

Now…on to the Christmas spirit! (No pun intended again) 🙂


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