Adventures of a Preschooler

School Trip at Sta. Elena Fun Farm

Before the school year ended, Lucas’ school one last school trip and it was in Sta. Elena Fun Farm. I have read about Sta. Elena Fun Farm and have always wanted to go there. A few of my blogger friends have been there and it looked like an ideal place for children. I was secretly hoping that one of the school trips would be held there because I knew there was NO WAY I could get my husband to drive us there.

Confession: I thought the farm, being called a farm, would be located in a remote place far from the highway or any compound. I had visions of passing through dirt roads surrounded by tall grass. Boy was I wrong. Sta. Elena Fun Farm is in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, but you will be taking the Cabuyao exit from SLEX. Turn right after the toll gate and in about 500 meters or even less, you will see the entrance to the Sta. Elena Golf and Country Club. Once you get inside the compound, there are a lot of security personnel who would be directing you to the farm. It’s beautiful inside, far from my initial vision of dirt roads and what-nots.

It was so easy going to Sta. Elena Farm. Even faster than going to Nuvali!

We were first to arrive at the area and I sure am glad we were early. Lucas and I got to go around and familiarize ourselves with the area.  Lucas got excited and kept on asking me where his teacher and classmates were. I got excited with all the space for running for the kids!

He wasted no time checking out the farm!

After thirty minutes, the rest of the school arrived. After briefing the teachers and the parents/guardians, each class did the activities one at a time.

The kids loved the spacious lawn where they can run around and ride tractors and trucks parked in it. Lucas of course loved this.



It was a day of firsts for Lucas.

It was his first time to go fishing.


The kuya’s were there ready with a fishing rod for the children. They helped put a bait on each rod. The kids didn’t catch any fish. The kuya did and graciously let each child hold the rod with a small fish at the end of the line.


It was Lucas’ first time to feed animals.


Lucas didn’t like the guinea pigs but he was more interested with the bunnies. While his classmates were busy with the guinea pigs over at the other side of the fence, Lucas was already touching and feeding the bunnies at the other side.

It was Lucas’ first time to climb a really high net!

That’s him climbing with his classmates.
That’s him with Teacher Rosie who was already assisting him because he was so high up.
That’s him and Teacher Rosie at the top. He wanted to go down the other side but we convinced him otherwise.

This was a big big surprise for me! Lucas would normally be afraid to do things for the first time but he was the first one to climb this high course. Teacher Rosie had to climb with him all the way to the top and assist him getting down.

It was Lucas’ first time to ride a zip line.

There he goes!


A high five with his zip line buddy, Fonsy. You both did great!

If Lucas didn’t climb the net first, riding the zip line would’ve been the biggest surprise to me. But since I saw how brave he was with the earlier activity, I knew he could ride the zip line on his own. And he did! Sooo proud of him.

It was Lucas’ first time to ride a carabao. He and his classmates enjoyed this ride.


It was Lucas’ first time to ride a horse.


Look how happy he was! He kept on telling me to take his picture.

Sta. Elena Fun Farm is ideal for families and especially for children. Here are things that I like about the Fun Farm:

  • The staff are very friendly and accommodating.
  • There is a lot tables and chairs for picnics. Do take note that they do not allow plastic inside the farm so if you are bringing in food, use reusable containers and dinnerware.
  • There is a big covered pavilion. I think it would be perfect for parties.
  • There is ample washing areas
  • The animals are well-cared for. They look healthy and happy and clean.
  • The place is very, very clean.
  • They have nice, clean and spacious toilets.
  • Safety is important to the staff. I remember the staff at the zip line hut were very strict not to allow too many children up on the hut because it will not be safe.
  • There is ample parking space.
  • Albeit the heat, it was very cool in the farm. There was a lot of shade from the trees and even the picnic areas.

I wasn’t able to check, but the teachers said that organic produce is sold in the farm. Too bad I wasn’t able to buy some.

Over-all, it was a great experience. Lucas had fun and kept on talking about it for days! Up until now, he kept on asking when we are going back. I think the husband is getting convinced already.


If you are still planning on what to do this summer, check out the Fun Farm at Sta. Elena. It’s going to be a fun experience for everyone!

FUN FARM at Sta. Elena
Barrio Malitlit, Sta. Rosa Laguna
Operating Hours: 9 am – 4 pm. By appointment only.
For bookings and inquiries, email:
Call or text: +63920-4688785 or +63918-8886588
Check their services, rates and FAQs here.




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