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On Taking a Break and School of Styling Workshops



Raise your hand if you can relate.

One of the biggest realization of my life is that being a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom is not easy. I repeat. It’s not. There is a whole new level of exhaustion and stress from parenting two small, male human beings when you get to spend the whole day with them, on a daily basis, 24/7. Add to that a growing business that you can only work on after the two small human beings have finally slept at night. Of course, there is a whole new level of accomplishment and satisfaction from spending the day with these two knowing I can ask for unlimited hugs and kisses from them. I am also grateful that six months into my business’ it’s really starting to pick up. I wouldn’t trade what I have now to what I had before (working in a corporate set up). But I do need a break. We all do. And to be honest, just an hour or two to myself is a luxury. I feel I need that to be a better mom/wife/person.

I had a good “break” from motherhood when I attended School of Styling’s workshops last February and April. I got to take a break, and do beautiful things in two hours. Just enough me-time for myself before I start missing the kids.

The workshops were organized by Em Sulit of Game Changer and Indy Ycasiano of School of Styling Philippines. On February 13, I attended a Box Floral Arrangement workshop and on April 2, a Tassel Garland and Piñata making workshop. There is something therapeutic with getting your hands dirty and arranging flowers or cutting paper. You know what they say about adult coloring books helping you relax? It’s the same thing when you are working on pretty little details with your hands.

In both workshops, a short but informative segment on basic photography and styling is shared by Lightkeeper Studios.

Indy is our instructor, and a really good one. After teaching and demonstrating how to do the specific project for the day, she goes around checking on her “students”. She is also generous in giving additional information and tips to those who ask her.

In both workshops, there was an abundance of materials to work with. They really give you the opportunity to get creative.

Beautiful succulents
That’s Em of Game Changer with an abundance of flowers during the Box Flower Arrangement workshop

Like really creative.

That’s my cupcake piñata
Here’s my box flower arrangement

What I also like about the workshop is that the thoughtful organizers also prepare areas for children. Many of the guests are mothers and they did bring their children along with them. I think it is also a great summer break activity for the young ones. Look at this cute set up where a few of the smaller children (my son included) hung out.

I brought Lucas for the Tassel Garland and Piñata making workshop. He enjoyed cutting paper and putting it on the cardboard with a “gluey”.

If you want to spend a couple of hours learning something new, doing something creative, or both in a fun and relaxing environment, I highly suggest that you sign up in School of Styling’s workshops.  They have plotted the workshops for the year and here is the list.


*All photos were taken by Lightkeeper Studios for School of Styling


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