About Maggie

Hi! I’m Maggie and I’m a new mom to little Lucas and loving wife to SuperMike. I am a working mom, hoping to find a way to stay at home and be there 24/7 for my family. I started this blog to share my musings as a mom, a wife, a friend, a professional, and a girl. I learned a lot from mommy blogs and this is me paying it forward for other moms.

I am also documenting my Little Jedi’s milestones. The more records i keep of him, the more stage Mami i become Ü. My little munchkin is just so adorable I can’t keep him all to myself. Share the happiness, right?

I hope to impart “aha” moments to the readers and to learn from them also. So keep the comments coming! They are more than welcome in this blog.

So join me in my journey to discover new things about life, being a mom and a wife. I heard it’s one heck of a ride, so buckle up, readers! It’s gonna be a fun, fun trip ahead!


14 thoughts on “About Maggie

  1. Hear, hear! Very well said! Me thinks I’ll be stalking your blog more often! Hooray for a witty, has-a-way-with-words mommy blogger!

  2. Hi, I’m new in the blogging world actually and I found your articles amusing. I’m a mom also of a 12 year old and a pre school teacher. I’m a super hands on mom so I love reading and capturing nice ideas and inspiration from moms like you.. 🙂

  3. Looking forward to following your blog, I have a thirteen year old daughter and she is wonderful. The teen years will be interesting. I am sure when I am reading about your son I will relate. Thanks for sharing such an important chapter of your life. Have a fab day!

  4. hi Maggie,

    love your articles plus your super adorable son. – I can relate somehow…since I have a 10 month old son as well. I was the one who followed you on Instagram 🙂 hope to start my own blog soon. TC! 🙂

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