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Christmas Wrapping Theme: Parcels

Yes. I finished my Christmas shopping by December 1. But I’m only wrapping my gifts today, the 23rd. Har de har.

I love wrapping presents. Even way back in high school, I would watch the mall gift wrappers and study how they would make the perfect Christmas bags with a collar. Since then, I’ve been experimenting with wrappers, stickers, and boxes to beautify the presents.

Last year, I started having a theme for my wrappers and I was pretty happy with my Santa Theme.

This year, I wanted a Parcel theme for my er…parcels.

I couldn’t find craft paper in any bookstore that I have visited. Good thing I saw a roll of Manila Paper. It only cost P27.00 for ten meters. Not bad, eh? I also brought out the stamps I got from Project Happy, and bakers’ twine from Paper Chic Studio.

Voila! Here are some of my finished parcels.

Parcels. (Sorry for the blurred photo)

Old fashioned. Classic. Simple. I love it.

Happy Christmas everyone!



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