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Weekend Recap

Good Monday! We had a very busy and interesting weekend. I’d like to make some updates about the Little Jedi.

It was a tooth. It was the culprit for Lucas’ high fever last week. Two days after having the fever, I noticed his left cheek was swollen. He looked like a very cute hamster with something in his mouth. At first I thought it was mumps. Duh. Of course the swelling with mumps would be on the neck part, not the cheeks. When I checked his mouth, the gums were indeed swelling. I called Tita Doc Pam and told me to put a soothing gel. We have Camilia teething relief on hand and she said that will work for swelling gums too. Before we got to put the medicine, the Little Jedi already fell asleep. By Friday, Lucas was already able to eat normally and sleep soundly. Thank goodness it was just a tooth! So now, he is back to his usual playful and happy self. He lost a little weight because he was only drinking milk for two days. 😦

From Dadi’s IG
So much better!

We started our Saturday with a Gymbo class. We were early! Woohoo! Lucas played in the play area before the class started but he had too much fun that he did not want to join the class anymore. Mars, you were right about your post on keeping the toddler from playing before class. He had tantrums all throughout the class! So much for cooperation. The only time he voluntarily joined the class was when the teacher brought out the maracas. He didn’t even want to join the signature Gymbo song, which was supposed to be his forte. Lucas, next time, we attend class first before playing ok? Anyway, your class IS called play and learn, you know. No photos taken because I was so busy managing the boy with tantrums.

While having lunch, I told Mike that I want to go to Cavite to visit Mama and our old (like 17 human years old) dog, Archie. Mama said he’s getting a little weak. We were scheduled to see Tita Pam, his dentist, that afternoon in Festival anyways, so we might as well go to Cavite. He agreed so instead of going straight to Alabang from Makati, we went back to our unit to get some overnight stuff. Lucas fell asleep, we missed the dentist’s appointment (sorry Tita Pam) and the chance to see the Tiquio’s in ATC. We still went to Cavite though.

As usual, Lucas was excited to see his best bud, Nuggets. The furry dog looked excited too trying to jump on him and give the Little Jedi a kiss. When Mama gave Lucas her tablet, it was friendship over between the two, at least for that night. Mama loves you to bits, Lucas. She knows you like the games in her tab.



In the morning, I checked out Archie and he’s much stronger now than the previous week, Mama said they are giving him some medicines already. I felt a little sad that he does not recognize me anymore. I miss hugging that huge dog. The perspective in my photo of him did not show how big he is. He’s huge. He’s probably a little shorter than I am when he’s standing on his hind legs. He is the most loyal dog to his masters.


Lucas’ Ninang just got back from her vacay and brought home lots of pasalubong for him. She got him a super cute shirt from Bohol and his favorite peanut kisses. We ate them when we got home.


I got to visit Papa too. It was a must every time I visit Cavite. Summer is indeed here because the sun was high at 4:00 PM like it was noon. Nonetheless, Mama and I still went to visit Papa’s grave. I did not bring the Lucas anymore because he and his Dadi were eons away in snoozeland.


That impromptu visit in Cavite may have changed some of our plans, but it was all worth it. Seeing how happy Mama and my sister were when they saw Lucas was priceless. Seeing my Little Jedi enjoy running around the spacious house was also great. Mike had a very long week, or maybe even month so seeing him well rested, not to mention well fed by my Mama, also made the trip worth it.

The downside of enjoying the weekend so much is it makes waking up on Mondays so much harder. Here’s looking forward to the weekend!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I’m glad Luke is having so much fun at Gymbo. Naku, if Lia were here, I’m sure there’ll be a riot 🙂 School muna before playing Luke ha? Hehe 🙂

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