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Baby Shower Turned Playdate

Since we were not able to attend any Halloween party except for the one at the condominium, I was so happy when we had my friend’s baby shower. So for whom was the party? Lucas’ Tita Pam, his dentist! I was personally excited for three reasons: 1. We get to hang out with my friends again (it’s been a while!), 2. Lucas gets to play with their little boys, and 3. Pam was having a baby girl! the first for our circle! It was a babyshower/playdate/advance birthday celebration for Pam’s 2nd child.

When we went there, the three boys were also in costume because Yigo came from the Halloween party (one of the parties we were invited to, actually) and the two E’s, Elijah and Ethan, well they just wanted to wear their costumes.

In costume

It was the first time the four boys played together. An all-boys’ playdate was a riot! Kuya Ethan, being the oldest was just patiently looking after the smaller boys, I think. Good job, Kuya!

With Tito
Here’s Lucas playing with not-so-toys toys again.

The menu that night? Mouth watering bulalo(slow cooked beef soup with bone marrow) beef salpicao, fried chicken lollipop (Lucas’ favorite), chicharon (pork cracklings), and red velvet cakepops that I made for the occasion. Too bad I wasn’t able to take pictures of the food that night except for the cakepops.

Even we may not have gone to any Halloween party, but that party was definitely fun!

P.S. By the time I posted this, Tita Pam has already given birth to an adorable baby girl. Welcome to the world, baby Phoebe Elaina!


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